This site is primarily a showcase of my fine art photography. The statement and biography should provide further insight into what motivates and guides my art. The resume is edited and distilled. Should you be interested in the complete and current resume please contact me. I have just updated this site by adding photos of a permanent installation of my prints at SEDL/Phase 2 in Austin, Texas. The image on the left is from the series, Forgotten PLanes, a manifestation of my belief that form is transcendent and that the ability of  the camera to record reality is the least of it's possibilities.  All of my black and white photography is produced optically, on film,  printed in a traditional darkroom and is concerned with some degree of abstraction. The color work is shot on color transparency film and then high resolution Imocon scans are made. The images are then fine tuned in Photoshop and printed as carbon pigment prints on 100% rag watercolor paper, such as Hahnemuhle Photorag. None of the original imagery was created using digital photography.


These publications contain selected images from various series and a statement that elaborates on my current concerns and where I am heading.  They illustrate a timeline of my work and its evolution into total abstraction over the last four decades.

In 2010 I revisited working with color in my studio. In addition to straight single shot imagery I began deconstructing my photographs and creating composites.

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